Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The bird is not the metaphor.

If you've been following our progress on the Facebook page, you'll know we've been busy. If you haven't, then this will be news to you: we've been busy. We've been busy doing all the stuff we're usually busy doing (eating foods that disagree with us, trying to be parents/children/both to our children/parents/both, working at our day jobs, worrying about the end of civilisation, worrying about the end of the world, trying to be useful, trying to be good, trying not to break stuff, etc). But we've also been busy making this record, this same 'Bird is not the metaphor' record that we seem to have been discussing for some years now (I'm not going to check - I'm sure it is years). In fact, we've been so busy - so intermittently-but-intensely involved in it - that I think we might even have finished it.

Over a weekend in November last year we recorded live bass, drums and guitars for 9 songs. Then Tom went back and did the violin. Then I got a chest infection, and went back and disappointed everyone with some wheezy vocals. Then I went back and did them again. I was allowed to stay in the band. Then in the spring, we went in and recorded a further 3 songs. I took the swearing out of one of them, and calmed the fuck down, and everyone stopped hating it. Throw in a couple of days worth of mixing and mastering, then factor in about 2,000 emails and phone calls to argue about the mixing and mastering and - bingo! - we were done.

We have 12 songs which we're really very pleased with. And we have a plan to release this new record in early 2014, as a collaborative venture between our friends at Damnably and our friends at Little Red Rabbit. There will be vinyl and download.

We are super-excited about it. We think you'll like it. Not as in 'you-the-whole-internet' obviously - you people will be sorely disappointed by at it, at best, and more likely, let's be honest, you will remain entirely ignorant of this record's existence. We have realistic expectations after all. No, we mean 'you-people-who-occasionally-wonder-if-Lazarus-Clamp-are-still-going-and-if-so,what-they-are-up-to?' You people. You will be pleased, we hope, that you linked our ill-considered hard-to-recall name to a little corner of your big, busy musical brains, and that you tripped over it sometime recently, and wondered what we had been up to. We have been up to this. We have been busy. We have been making this thing. We are super-excited about it.We think you'll like it.
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