Monday, 17 August 2009

Autumn gigs, 2009

Sunday 27th September - Islington Mill, Manchester, for Damnably, with Julie Doiron, and Construction and Destruction, and Former Utopia.

Wednesday 30th September - Luminaire, London, for Damnably, with Julie Doiron, and Construction and Destruction, and Former Utopia.

Friday 2nd October - The Station, Kings Heath, Birmingham, for the Moseley Lunar Society.

Sunday 25th October - The Windmill, Brixton, London, for Stubbaboon.

Saturday 31st October - Leeds - tbc.
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Against entitlement, 19th October 2009

Against Entitlement will be released on 19th October, on Little Red Rabbit records (LRR014). It will be distributed by Forte. It will come as an LP, on 180g vinyl, and will include a free CD version of the album. Or, if you prefer, it comes as a CD, and will include a free 180g vinyl record, and some extra bits of paper and artwork. Either way, the shop price will be £12.

It will also be available as a download.

A limted number of CD-only copies will be available directly from us, for people who don't want the lovely vinyl, and the extra bits of paper, and the lovely sleeve, not even for free, thank you [what's wrong with you?].

There are 9 songs on the record:

Stone beats this
Etymologist's lament
Hard work of simple things
Been black-eyed
Night of the steep learning curve
I am the police

We are playing some gigs too - see subsequent postings.
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New songs, pts IV & V

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Brighton for the week, and so I drove up to John's one evening and we worked on these for a couple of hours:

The horse you rode in on
Things are sticky

Then yesterday, four of us (everyone except Tom who was pre-booked) met in Birmingham, and spent the afternoon working on:

Things are sticky
Bow down

These last two aren't far off being playable, once we have Tom's parts and a few details sorted out.
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