Monday, 27 September 2010

New songs, part VIII.

See? I told you this was sloooowww work.

I stayed over with John earlier in the month, but forgot to take the baritone with me, so couldn't work on the song I intended to. Instead, I borrowed his telecaster, and we worked on Apple & Pear, slowing it down to a crawl and piling on the distortion. It worked quite well and might turn out that way. We put a few other bits and bobs together too. I forget what ...

This weekend just gone all five of us played together, for the first time since the Spring. These are now done, Tominated, the lot:

Things are sticky
The horse you rode in on
Bow down

Plus, Latch is more or less working, and we have warmed over the coals of some familiar stuff for the gig with Bellini later this month. Which we are looking forward to doing ...

Calculations would suggest that we actually record these things next autumn.
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