Thursday, 15 December 2011

Recording mode / Christmas compilation

Three things:

Firstly, we have a song included on the forthcoming Little Red Rabbit Christmas compilation. It will be a home recording of '100 W bulb' - so its a work in progress - but evidence suggests that there's something rather nice happening there.

Secondly, there is another home recording on the L. Clamp Facebook page. That one is a draft of 'Magpie,' a song that I wrote during the anxious months prior to my daughter's birth, a couple of winters ago. There was some risk of a rather unpleasant viral syndrome, at the time, which couldn't be disconfirmed til birth (happily, it was a false alarm). I've played the song at a couple of solo shows this year (usually in a style less deadpan than in this recording) and people have asked to hear it, so I've uploaded the draft until something more 'finished' is available.

Thirdly, we'll be doing some studio recording in March/April for the next LP. Will keep you posted.

Onwards, to 2012 ....
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