Monday, 12 September 2011

September already - Autumn gigs, digital back catalague, and next LP title.

Since the last post, we have not been completely dormant. Birthdays, illnesses, ebay addictions and pedal-building aside, we have been doing a few things. We got together at John's in July [without Huw], and worked out two new songs ['100W bulb' and 'We are in water'], one with everyone singing in a most un-Clamp-like way. And then we got together on a farm somewhere in Buckinghamshire [without Huw], and hacked our way through a few old songs, and a few of the new ones.

In a few weeks, we will get together all 5 of us [I'd have to check through the blog to work out when we last managed that], and prepare for some Autumn gigs. These will start in late October, to coincide with the formal Damnably/Shellshock digital release of the Lazarus Clamp back-catalogue. The dates are not firmed up yet, so drop us a line if you'd like a visit.

And it turns out we have more than enough songs which sit quite nicely together now, for the next record [13 I think - that's lucky right?]. And a working title: 'The bird is not the metaphor.' We plan to book some studio time early in 2012 for those.

There's a story there.


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