Tuesday, 16 November 2010

No bananas are stored in this vehicle overnight.

We enjoyed ourselves at the Bellini gig. There's a recording of the whole thing on the Damnably site if you missed it, or enjoyed it and want to hear it again:


Three of the first four songs of our set - Horse You Rode In On, Bow Down, [I Came to Work and I Brought My Lunch], and Things Are Sticky - were new, and all four were very pleasing to play.

The others were Canon [I'm afraid that the long afternoon - working on a version of Silworm's Slow Hands which we then decided not to play - caught up with me here; its not the liveliest Canon ever], Spon [revived by the A5], Stone Beats This [I know; my guitar is too loud], and Black Plumes for Hot Peas [in which Tom threw us all by playing right through his cue, and which thus contains an edifying example of a band split precisely in two; for a few bars there, half of us played what Tom should have been playing, half of us played what he was playing - I'm still not sure how it gets resolved].

Onwards, fowards, etc.


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