Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Welcome to the Lazarus Clamp blog


Lazarus Clamp is/are five people who make music together, and have been doing so in various combinations since 1994.

We tend to pursue a reasonably consistent aesthetic, preferring relatively straightforward recording techniques (i.e. analogue, and 'live' where we can), choosing tactile instrumentation (strings and drums, rather than bleeps and buttons), and requiring enough musical sophistication to keep our easily-bored attention-spans engaged. Within those constraints, we have also tended to be happy to move across genres and forms, and to blend ingredients with relatively little concern for recipes (or indeed, trends). We have made a (stubborn) virtue out of our out-of-stepness, and gained a lot of entertainment and amusement from the occasional moments when we accidentally slipped into step with some nascent scene (or even better, missed it by 6 months).

We have relatively few connections to other bands (apart from the handful we play in, and the even smaller number who've been outliving the press and promoters for as long as we have). This isn't because we're anti-social or rude, its just that all 5 of us live fairly complicated lives, in 5 different parts of the country, and keeping up with each other is about the best we manage.

We intend to use this site to post news and updates on our whereabouts and activities. But you can also find us at:



Our latest release is 'Death to technicians!' a 2 CD double album, which was released on Bearos Records in 2008. You can hear tracks from it on the myspace and ilike sites, above. You can buy it, with PayPal, from the myspace page.

Our next release will be 'Against entitlement,' a vinyl album (we hope), on Little Red Rabbit Records, in October.


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